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Integrating with JavaScript tooling

This document outlines how to configure EAS Build for some common scenarios, such as monorepos and repositories with private dependencies. The examples described here do not provide step-by-step instructions to set up EAS Build from scratch. Instead, they explain the changes from the standard process that are necessary to acommodate the given scenario.

How to set up EAS Build with a monorepo

  • Run all EAS CLI commands from the root of the app directory. For example: if your project exists inside of your git repository at apps/my-app, then run eas build from there.
  • All files related to EAS Build, such as eas.json and credentials.json, should be in the root of the app directory. If you have multiple apps that use EAS Build in your monorepo, each app directory will have its own copy of these files.
  • If your project needs additional setup beyond what is provided, add a postinstall step to package.json in your project that builds all necessary dependecies in other workspaces. For example:
  "scripts": {
    "postinstall": "cd ../.. && yarn build"

  • Configure your project in a way that works with yarn and relies on the NPM_TOKEN env variable to authenticate with private repositories
  • add experimental.npmToken in credentials.json
  "experimental": {
    "npmToken": "example npm token"
If you are not using credentials.json for Android/iOS credentials, it is fine for experimental.npmToken to be the only entry in the file. Add credentials.json to .gitignore if it's not there already.