Data and Privacy Protection

As more and more laws, policies, and frameworks are introduced that aim to provide guidelines for how companies should treat user data, it's important that we are as transparent as possible to Expo users about what data Expo collects (spoiler alert- it's very little).
To accomplish this, we provide not only our privacy policy, (which is mostly useful if you're a lawyer) but also our privacy explained page. This page lays out exactly what data Expo collects, both from our developers and your end users, and why we collect it.
If you have questions about this, please post in our forums.

They can be! You can build HIPAA compliant apps with Expo if you follow the requirements.
Expo doesn't collect any individually identifiable health data, and you can actually see all the data that Expo collects on our privacy explained page. That being said, you are ultimately in control of the data you collect from your users, so we cannot guarantee that all apps built with Expo are HIPAA compliant, as in the end it is up to you as an individual application developer. But there should be no compliance issues with using Expo.
For more information about HIPAA compliance, you can consult the HHS website about it.

They can be! You can build GDPR compliant apps with Expo if you follow the requirements.
While Expo ensures the proper handling and processing of developer data and end-user data, we cannot guarantee that the developers who build apps with Expo follow similar data privacy practices themselves.
For more information about GDPR, please visit the European Commission's data protection page.

Yes! Find a thorough explanation in our privacy policy
For more information about Privacy Shield, please visit