SDK API Reference


Provides access to the system’s web browser and supports handling redirects. On iOS, it uses SFSafariViewController to provide a secure Safari browser modal that shares cookies with the Safari app, and on Android it uses ChromeCustomTabs for the same reason.


You can use this to build OAuth flows, such as this Auth0 example and this Twitter example.

Handling redirects

When you’re done an authentication flow, or for some other reason you want to pass information back to your app, you will want to redirect back to your app. You can use React Native’s Linking.addEventListener function to do this.


When you are developing your Expo experience and handling redirections, to test, you need to open your application via the exp:// URI without the port. This is a workaround needed when developing because without it, Expo will reload the experience instead of redirecting you to the existing one.

Other uses

You might just want to have a simple modal browser window to show the terms of services, privacy policy, or other information about your app. This is a great use case for it.



Opens the url with the system’s web browser.


  • url (string) — The url to open in the web browser.


If the user closed the web browser, the promise resolves with { type: cancel }. If the browser is closed using Expo.WebBrowser.dismissBrowser(), the promise resolves with { type: dismissed }.


Dismisses the system’s presented web browser.


The promise resolves with { type: dismissed }.