Provides access to the system's UI for selecting documents from the available providers on the user's device.
On iOS, for standalone apps and ExpoKit projects, the DocumentPicker module requires the iCloud entitlement to work properly. You need to set the usesIcloudStorage key to true in your app.json file as specified here.
In addition, for ExpoKit apps, you need to open the project in Xcode and follow the Using DocumentPicker instructions in the Advanced ExpoKit Topics guide.

Display the system UI for choosing a document.

  • options (object) --
    A map of options:
    • type (string) -- The MIME type of the documents that are available to be picked. Is also supports wildcards like image/* to choose any image. To allow any type of document you can use */*. Defaults to */*.

If the user cancelled the document picking, returns { type: 'cancel' }.
Otherwise, returns { type: 'success', uri, name, size } where uri is a URI to the local document file, name is its name and size is its size in bytes.