Provides access to the system's UI/app for sending SMS messages.

Determine whether the SMS is available.

Returns a promise that resolves to a Boolean, indicating whether the SMS is available on this device.

const isAvailable = await Expo.SMS.isAvailableAsync();
if (isAvailable) {
  // do your SMS stuff here
} else {
  // misfortune... there's no SMS available on this device

Opens default UI/app for sending SMS messages with prefilled addresses and message.
Requires Permissions.SMS.

  • addresses: (Array<string>|string) -- An array of addresses (phone numbers) or single address passed as strings. Those would appear as recipients of the prepared message.
  • message (string) -- Message to be sent

Returns a Promise that resolves when SMS action is invoked by the user with corresponding result:
  • If the user cancelled the SMS sending process: { result: 'cancelled' }.
  • If the user has sent/scheduled message for sending: { result: 'sent' }.
Note: The only feedback collected by this module is whether any message has been sent. That means we do not check actual content of message nor recipients list.

const { result } = await Expo.SMS.sendSMSAsync(['0123456789', '9876543210'], 'My sample HelloWorld message');