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An API to compose mails using OS specific UI.

This API is pre-installed in managed apps. To use it in a bare React Native app, follow its installation instructions.

// in managed apps:
import { MailComposer } from 'expo';

// in bare apps:
import * as MailComposer from 'expo-mail-composer';

Opens a mail modal for iOS and a mail app intent for Android and fills the fields with provided data.

  • saveOptions (object) -- A map defining the data to fill the mail:
    • recipients (_array` -- An array of e-mail addressess of the recipients.
    • ccRecipients (array) -- An array of e-mail addressess of the CC recipients.
    • bccRecipients (array) -- An array of e-mail addressess of the BCC recipients.
    • subject (string) -- Subject of the mail.
    • body (string) -- Body of the mail.
    • isHtml (boolean) -- Whether the body contains HTML tags so it could be formatted properly. Not working perfectly on Android.
    • attachments (array) -- An array of app's internal file uris to attach.

Resolves to a promise with object containing status field that could be either sent, saved or cancelled. Android does not provide such info so it always resolves to sent.