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The Updates API from expo allows you to programatically control and respond to over-the-air updates to your app.

Platform Compatibility

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This API is pre-installed in managed apps. It is not yet available for bare React Native apps.

import { Updates } from 'expo';

Immediately reloads the current experience. This will use your app.json updates configuration to fetch and load the newest available JS supported by the device's Expo environment. This is useful for triggering an update of your experience if you have published a new version.

Immediately reloads the current experience using the most recent cached version. This is useful for triggering an update of your experience if you have published and already downloaded a new version.

Check if a new published version of your project is available. Does not actually download the update. Rejects if updates.enabled is false in app.json.

An object with the following keys:
  • isAvailable (boolean) -- True if an update is available, false if you're already running the most up-to-date JS bundle.
  • manifest (object) -- If isAvailable is true, the manifest of the available update. Undefined otherwise.

Downloads the most recent published version of your experience to the device's local cache. Rejects if updates.enabled is false in app.json.

An optional params object with the following keys:
  • eventListener (function) -- A callback to receive updates events. Will be called with the same events as a function passed into Updates.addListener but will be subscribed and unsubscribed from events automatically.

An object with the following keys:
  • isNew (boolean) -- True if the fetched bundle is new (i.e. a different version that the what's currently running).
  • manifest (object) -- Manifest of the fetched update.

Invokes a callback when updates-related events occur, either on the initial app load or as a result of a call to Updates.fetchUpdateAsync.

  • eventListener (function) -- A callback that is invoked with an updates event.

An EventSubscription object that you can call remove() on when you would like to unsubscribe from the listener.

Returned from addListener.
  • remove() (function) -- Unsubscribe the listener from future updates.

An object that is passed into each event listener when a new version is available.
  • type (string) -- Type of the event (see EventType).
  • manifest (object) -- If type === Updates.EventType.DOWNLOAD_FINISHED, the manifest of the newly downloaded update. Undefined otherwise.
  • message (string) -- If type === Updates.EventType.ERROR, the error message. Undefined otherwise.

  • Updates.EventType.DOWNLOAD_STARTED -- A new update is available and has started downloading.
  • Updates.EventType.DOWNLOAD_FINISHED -- A new update has finished downloading and is now stored in the device's cache.
  • Updates.EventType.NO_UPDATE_AVAILABLE -- No updates are available, and the most up-to-date bundle of this experience is already running.
  • Updates.EventType.ERROR -- An error occurred trying to fetch the latest update.